We’re proud to be GDST members

Exciting news from The Big Prawn Co! Earlier this month we officially became a member of the Global Dialog on Seafood Traceability (GDST). This international platform was established to advance a unified framework for interoperable seafood traceability practices. And by adopting and endorsing the GDST 1.0 standards, we’re proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with more than 60 leading companies working towards a common goal.

We’ve mapped key data elements within our supply chains, allowing us and our suppliers to participate in appropriate future investments in technology to further ensure the integrity of our seafood to the consumer. Establishing responsible and known supply chains from only the best farms and fishers aligns with our core values around sourcing, and is right at the heart of our People, Planet, Prawns agenda.

Looking ahead, being globally aligned and having wider seafood stakeholder support on traceability reinforces our future ambitions for seafood and supply chain security. We’re really proud to add our voice to the call for the wider adoption and endorsement of a unified framework for interoperable seafood traceability practices.

Want to find out more about the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability? Head to the GDST website.

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