Sustainable Seafood Week: What it Means to The Big Prawn Co.

Sustainable Seafood Week (SSW) is the perfect time for The Big Prawn Co, and the wider industry, to take a closer look at how we’re promoting sustainable seafood and protecting our oceans for the future. The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), which founded the SSW initiative, is championing several projects that feed into our sustainability agenda, and which we’ll work with our communities to implement.

One such scheme is a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) in Indonesia, which aims to develop a fishery management plan for several squid fishing communities in the harbour of Belawan, North Sumatra. For more than a decade, the UK has been the main export market for the mitre squid. This scheme will highlight any sensitive areas that fisheries should avoid in order to protect young squid – ultimately safeguarding future stock.

Sustainable Seafood Week also gives us an opportunity to shout about innovations that are driving sustainable change in the industry, and for The Big Prawn Co. that’s our Free From The Sea range. This vegan food range takes a fresh approach to the problem of overfishing by encouraging people to consume less seafood with a range of fish-free alternatives. Particularly for a seafood company, that’s an innovative approach in itself.

The theme of this year’s week – ‘all hands on deck’ – echoes our own commitment to improve industry standards by working with our network of ethical, responsible suppliers across the globe. Being part of the mission to improve the industry means we all need to play a role in protecting the oceans – long past Sustainable Seafood Week has come to a close.

Our Sustainability and CSR Manager, William Davies explains just how fundamental this topic is to us at The Big Prawn Co.

“Sustainability is not a buzzword; it is not a title or just a badge. For our wild-caught fisheries, sustainability is a collective effort of which we at The Big Prawn Co. are only one one part of. For ourselves, sustainability has always been fundamental to our company ethos, and the driving force behind what we do.

We work together with fisheries, governments, environmental organisations and our customers so our wild-caught shellfish products are demonstrably sustainable or with a fisheries Improvement plan (FIP). The health of the oceans and the people that rely on it for their livelihoods, both today and tomorrow, is behind the importance of all our sustainability efforts, and the reason we will never stop caring.”

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